Hi there, I’m Jennifer.!

I love helping frustrated mid-lifers fight flab and maximize their energy permanently

I Want You to Understand Something:

It’s not your fault! Excess weight is so much more than mere self-control, so please stop blaming yourself! 

Your digestive tract and the critters that live there are the root cause of obesity/stubborn weight, fatigue, mental “blah”, and so many other conditions we associate with “getting old”. A small sampling of the research, in case you’re interested: herehere, here, here and here

Gut Health Affects Hormonal and Metabolic Function

The modern diet, lifestyle, and toxic world in which we live all wreak havoc with our gastrointestinal system. The consequences?

  1. low-grade, chronic inflammation 
  2. poor absorption of the nutrients in your food
  3. disruption of your gut microbiota (the trillions of bacteria and other microbes which reside within your digestive system). And we can’t be healthy without healthy gut critters!  

This is the REAL reason you’re stuck.

I Want You to Leave Fat and Misguided Guilt Behind and Start Feeling Amazing Instead!

My practice is all about sustainability, simplicity, AND a healthy gut – a critical part of your well-being most programs overlook.

You’ve likely discovered by now that caloric restriction doesn’t work long term.

I’ll help you eat simple foods which lower inflammation and restore gut health, so you can finally lose the flab for good and live your best life!

I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and member in good standing with the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals (CAHN-PRO). Deeply Nourished Wellness and Nutrition was born out of my own decades-long journey to wellness. For decades, I sought out countless conventional and alternative health practitioners for chronic pain, hormonal imbalance, IBS and more. While I made some progress, noone could figure out my health puzzle completely.

Intuitively I knew that nutrition had a big role to play, since food – at a chemical level – is what fuels our cells. Rather than consult a nutritionist, I decided to become one (go big or go home right!). So I enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I now understand we are not just what we eat, but what our bodies are capable of doing with the foods we eat…how well someone’s body can metabolize food and efficiently use it for fuel is the central question. I learned how digestion weakens over time, paving the way for chronic inflammation, disguised as countless physical and mental symptoms. I am happy to report my body is back in balance (as a bonus, I dropped two sizes!).

I have made it my mission to help others like you uncover your UNSTOPPABLE self! 

I reside in Ottawa, Ontario with my husband and very spoiled goldendoodle, Niko. I’m a two-time university graduate and recovering public servant. When I’m not working, practicing yoga, or geeking out on any and all health-related data, I enjoy traveling, beating my husband at tennis (he’ll tell you a different story!), breathing in the country air and snowshoeing.

Some of my other claims to fame include my uncanny ability to mess up all things PC-related, turning conversation into song (only when words reflect lyrics…!), and sharing the stage with David Cassidy during my first (alright…only) TV appearance. Well, if you count being on the same stage, just at different times…me as an eye makeup model who said nothing, him as the featured guest of the day on the Dini Petty show. Still, I’ll take it!

SO….with all of the important (and not so important) stuff out of the way;

Are you ready to make friends with the food you eat? 

Let’s get started today! I work with clients in the Ottawa area, as well as via phone or Skype.

Get in touch here.

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